Our day care service provides elderly folks with care, attention and companionship while their family members are occupied with their daily activities or routine. During their time with us, we encourage day care residents to participate in our daily activities, as well as to communicate and socialize with other residents. Meals, hygiene care and medication will be provided by our nurses and caregivers.

Consult the best elderly care services in KL.

We are committed to provide the best elderly daycare services in our senior community to ensure that they enjoy themselves to the fullest during their golden years of life. Our dedicated team of doctors, therapists, and caregivers will be available for your loved ones 24/7.

Why choose us?

Physical and mental health issues are very much common in our old age. We understand that its hard to taking care for your loved ones during the daily busy schedules and we’re here and ready to help. Elderly required special care and attention, with KLC senior care service, you can get all their needs fulfilled effortlessly and smoothly. Our team will be there to provide them with the best care and look after them around the clock. We also ensure that there will be no compromise on the quality of care provided to your loved ones.
If you have an hectic office schedule and couldn’t provide the fully attention to your parents, then our daycare services are designed for you. Our services ensure that your parents will be looked after well and are completely in safe hands.

How do we work?

Talk To Our Care Advisor

Interested in our senior care services? You may contact us through our email at [email protected] or reach us at +60321817399. Our experts will respond to you and will provide a free consultation for you that’s right suit for your needs.

Finalising the plan

At our care centre, we offer a range of senior care services that you can opt for for your elder ones. Our staff will listen to all your requirements and preferences and finalise a care plan for your elders. Besides this, we also ensure to examine the health status of our clients so that appropriate care can be provided to them.

Provision of ultimate care

Now, in this step, it’s time for you and your loved ones to experience exceptional care services. Our experts will start implementing the plan and provide your loved one the best caring service, with detailed record keeping that you can access at any time.

What is elderly care at KLC Senior Care?

Personal Assistance

Personal care and assistance for older adults who need help in daily activities like bathing, dressing, showering, eating, moving, etc.

Nursing Care

Nursing care to look after their health and offer adequate services to keep them healthy in their daily lives.

Home Therapy

Monitor the condition 24/7 and prescribe personalised treatment plans to improve their body functions, thus alleviating pains.

Nutritious food

Provision of highly nutritious and healthy meals made in a hygienic environment by our experts.


Fun activities and games to keep your elders engaged and happy.

Respite Care

Take a break and rest while our team takes on the caring responsibility from your shoulders.


What are the elderly daycare packages?

At KLC, we offer you a variety of caring packages that you can opt from according to your requirements. Each package is customised according to the needs of the clients. Also, you can communicate your preferences regarding the care services and our team will ensure to incorporate them accordingly.

Why do I need to hire an elderly care service?

If you think you are too occupied by your office work and therefore are facing issues properly taking care of your parents or elders at home. Then you should consult reliable elderly care near your home. We will offer you a helping hand by providing your dear ones with all the care and attention that they deserve. Besides this, it will also give you peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones are in safe hands and are taken care of properly.

Contact Us Now

KLC senior care is a proficient and renowned nursing home provider in Malaysia. With a dedicated team of professionals, having years of experience in the field, we are here to offer your elder ones excellent, caring services. Contact us today and enjoy our ultimate care.

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